Frank Burkitt and Cara Filbey – 9th July

Two years ago. The Frank Burkitt Band performed for us at the Conquest Theatre and they went down a storm.  This time, it will be Frank Burkitt and Cara Filbey, who have been performing together for 15 years, throughout the U.K., New Zealand, Australia and North America. They are now based in Manchester and can’t wait to get back performing again. Here are two voices that have had 15 years to blend. They will both captivate and enchant. Expect a broad set of original and traditional, Scottish folk songs, country ballads and Americana.

Burkitt’s highly intelligent song writing is what sets him apart, as well as his ability to tell great stories, which accompany his songs.

If you were to look for reference points to compare this music to, you might end up with : Boz Scraggs, later James Taylor, Martin Stevenson and maybe Tim O’Brien. It has a touch of class.