Kites – June 11th

Kites are Phil Riley – guitar/vocals and Neil Mercer – mandolin/vocals and Deborah Seabrook . They originally teamed up in 1969 and in 1976 they released a single on Polydor records in a band called Kites and were signed to Pete Townsends publishing company. Soon after, the band split up but Phil and Neil got back together in 2017 and finished  recording the album they started in 1976 calling it “ Lost Legions “ .

Phil has appeared twice at our former venue, the Conquest Theatre, once as a solo artiste and with Borderline Crossing, which also featured Neil. Phil was one of the most voted for acts in a questionnaire we did a little while back.

Some bushel you’ve been hiding your light under. . It felt like I’d met an old friend “. . .  Lost Legions “ has some great songs on It . . . Forty years in the making but all the better for that “ .


Double Bill with Three Disagrees